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Since 1989...

... we have obtained more than 300 building permits for residential, business, tourist and industrial premises. We have prepared plans and won numerous awards for its competition elaborates. Architecta involves a team of architects and other linked seasoned professionals (structural engineers, mechanical engineers, electrical engineers, conservators, ...) and as such it comprehensively covers all stages of construction from design to the finishing works ...

Hiša Nortis Žusterni
Kindergarten Dekani
Hotel Casa Bel Moretto
Restaurant Hotel Metropol
Villa Rogoznica HR
Hotel Mirta Strunjan
Bathrooms Hotel Metropol
Pool Hotel Metropol
House Ankaran
Villa Portorož
ŠOUP Koper
Reconstruction Casa Bel Moretto
Reconstruction Hotel Metropol
Restaurant Casa Bel Moretto
Spa Casa Bel Moretto
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Architectural plans, building superstructure plans, projects for exterior design plans, common utility services machine and electric installations, ...

Interior design

Plans for the interiors of business premises, dinning facilities, residential buildings, ... 

Presentations of interiors and plans for work execution, ...

Energy performance


Consulting, preparation and acquisition of the energy performance certificates, ...


Preparation of illustrations of the location or the city planning portion of the construction project, ..


Monitoring by experts and financial monitoring of the work progress in terms of construction and craftsmanship activities, machine and electric installations, ...



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